by Dawn Estate

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Parfala: noun; \par-fawl-ah\ 1. In music; an album composed of songs of different genres which share some common element. 2. When different parts of a whole coalesce under a unifying factor.

Hey! Parfala is somewhat of a semi-concept album in that there are quite a few patterns and easter eggs that pop up throughout the piece. You have to keep your ears open to figure most of them out though.

As it goes with parfala, all these songs are electronic-based, but each has a slightly different feel.


released March 25, 2012




Dawn Estate Rochester, Minnesota

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Track Name: Veil
You took all the breath from me
And left it hanging in the winter air
A soft light and soft city
Across your face a veil of hair -- oh

You will find me on my own
Walking hard through april town
Wet kiss at your narrow home
Around your bed the veil of cloth fell down

We both fell down


Friday night on June's divide
Clouds turned purple overhead
We spent the golden hour driving 'cross the countryside
A veil of white above your head

And you may find me on my own
But you will find me.
With miles to go before I'm home
You're here inside me
Track Name: Roman Numerals
Oh dear
Here it comes
It always does
About this time

Oh dear
Here I fall
I always do
I don't know why

I'm falling down
falling down
falling down
falling down in your mouth

You've got the gun
got the gun
got the gun
to my chest

My heart can pound
It can pound
But it can't hold you back

And it beats
And it beats

And you shoot
And you shoot. Oh!

I'm falling down

falling down to the ground

Hold me closer
I need you now
More than ever